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The design area is located near an important commercial
spot at the Ikizce region of Malatya. There are agricultural
fields around the design area. In this regard, general green
space construct was considered in conjunction with the
green spaces created for the project and it was taken as
basis in order to avoid harming the general landscape
around the area.
The transfer of knowledge and experience from the
past has played a significant role in the formation of the
scientific society of today. New education systems, under-
standings and educational spaces are required in order to
further advance the scientific society.
It is important that the projects planned to be executed in
our country are qualified to meet the increasing classroom
demand of our country that is increasing together with the
compulsory education. The insuˆcient physical and social
infrastructures of the current classrooms have a negative
impact on education quality. In this sense, the main objec-
tive of the project is to pave the way for a successful new
generation by new projects that will increase the level of
education in the country. The starting point of the project
is to ensure that all educational campuses have the same
integrity regarding social, cultural and accommodation
Before starting the design of an educational campus, we
thought that it would be best to read about the current
needs and natural development of secondary school stu-
dents. We discovered that the students in this age group
have various systems or theories of thinking that act like a
cross section of their lives as a whole. The main objective
of the design was to increase these systems of thought
that are used to give meaning to life in general and to
express it.
Public and semi-public areas were formed that can also
be used by the residents of the city which will enable the
meeting of their demands as well. Another objective was
to ensure that the large area of the land would be active
during the night time as well as during the day. Impor-
tance was given to recreational and green areas particu-
larly due to the increase of the demand for public areas
in our day. In this regard, it was aimed to increase the
daytime use duration of the campus via the social axis as
well as the incorporated street designs.