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The current administrative building for the
Ministry of Youth and Sports located on the
Turgut Özal Boulevard in Ankara cannot meet
the current demands due to the changing
structure of the Ministry as well as the ad-
dition of new units. In this regard, it was de-
cided to construct an additional building on
the 75 decares of land nearby and to move
the Ministry units to this new building. The
structure is located to the south of the land
and thus a square was tried to be formed
together with the landscape since the build-
ing can be approached from the west by the
Hızır Reis Street and from the north by the
Faik Suat Street. The square creates a feeling
of reception thus enabling us to reach the
building by softening the open, semi-open,
closed area hierarchy instead of entering
the building directly from the road. On the
other hand, it also provides us with a nice
opportunity to ensure that the building is
well perceived, that the entrances of oˆcials,
conference vehicles and visitor vehicles are
separated and that separate welcoming areas
can be created for each.
The main motivation for the design of the 42
floor tower section of the building contain-
ing the oˆce spaces is to design the working
areas to breathe with spaces instead of self-
enclosed units and to put forth a structure
that carries the recreational and social areas
to the tower. The 4 façades of the building
were designed to be transparent with solar
controls where necessary in order to ensure
that the spaces are perceived and that the
spaciousness is increased.