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The program and requirements in the list of specifications, the current
land status, the relationship of the spaces with the city and with each
other were tried to be reflected in the project as best as possible. The
design suggested in the proposed setup was one that targeted spaces
in which women can socialize and express themselves as well as public
spaces which will be shaped with the cooperation of important people
thus contributing to the urban identity where controlled transitions are
used to connect the di›erent functions.
The structure complex was shaped on the “social backbone” planned
to be built on the east-west centerline. The masses bound to this main
centerline are broken down among each other so as to enable socializa-
tion with interrelated courtyards. The social courtyards that are formed
at the intersection points of the pedestrian centerlines are connected to
each other both physically and visually.
Since there is not an intensive and high structuring at the project area, it
was determined that sunlight and solar energy can be extensively used.
The objective was to improve the quality of the space via lumped mass
concept that is in accordance with the floor heights in the surrounding
area as well as the functions.
The main pedestrian approach of the structure is provided by the main
street (Istasyon Street) to the east of the project area. It was thought
that the social transitions to and from the urban park area and the
structures can be provided from the north and south. The Academy of
Women structure located towards the city to the east of the land opens
up to a public space at the entrance of the main centerline. The exhibi-
tion and sales units at this area bring together the citizens and the users.
There is also a Children’s Club and Day Care Center in a protective area
accessible via courtyards on the same centerline. The Women’s Shelter
building is located at the end of the backbone.
The urban park located to the south of the project area aims to
strengthen the concept of publicity and to eliminate the current discon-
nection by integrating the structure complex with the city.